As a property investor, it's important to stay abreast of the condition of your investments.  Is your property being sufficiently maintained and respected by the tenants currently in residence there?  With timely inspections you can ensure that your property asset is in good hand.  3D Inspection Services provides such a service.  If you need a routine inspection of an occupied property, to oversee the progress and completion of a renovation or the monitoring of a rental property currently on the market, 3D Inspection Services can provide that and put your mind at ease.

What type of inspection?

Routine inspections - these are in depth which cover every area and aspect of your property to ensure the tenants are being responsible.  A timely routine inspection can put a stop to any bad habits and neglectful behavior occurring on your property.

Make-Ready inspections - during and after any renovations or repairs of your property, 3D Inspection Services will routinely inspect your property to make certain the work is done to your specifications.  Digital photos will be provided to you once the inspection is complete.

Vacancy inspections - in order to verify that your vacant property is in prime condition for viewing, we will provide on-site inspections during the vacancy period,

Periodic inspections - 3D Inspection Services will provide you with periodic inspection reports which contain a complete property condition checklist.  These reports also show the current tenants of your property that the property is being diligently monitored, and this will serve reminder that they must care for property whilst living there.